Our advanced technology to protect Your Business Online.

imetrixBi is a solution for analysis and protection of online trademarks and Intellectual Property Rights. It provides companies, intelligent data and tips to protect trademarks, revenue and to combat digital piracy and online counterfeiting.

imetrixBi's proprietary technology, analyze all digital channels and detect infringements that affect your brand and digital assets. An automated learning process (machine learning) helps lawyers and analysts to find and validate brand’s abuse.

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Online Brand IntelligenceBrand Intelligence

Domain Name Intelligence
Domain Name IntelligenceAn advanced algorithm identies the domains that can be traced back to your brand out of all of the available. Top Level Domains (generic, new generic and country codes Top Level Domains), even when the user incorrectly types a website address similar to that of a registered brand, also knwon as typosquatting.

Social Media Intelligence

Social Media IntelligenceTo avoid rerouting customers towards pirate sites and sites that fraudulently acquire users’ personal information, we flag up fake social media accounts featuring your company’s branding.

Mobile App Intelligence
App Intelligence We identify applications with fake branding that acquire condential information from customers’ devices and discrediting your brand by being used as bait.


Counterfeiting Intelligence
Counterfeiting Intelligence
Encouraged by the growth of online auctioning and e-commerce, international criminals set up hundreds of pirate sites through which to sell counterfeit products entirely anonymously.

Digital Piracy IntelligenceDigital Piracy Intelligence

Digital piracy is driven by the ease of duplication of digital content. Our powerful web intelligence solution analyses millions of sources of information to detect illegal copies.

Phishing IntelligencePhishing Intelligence

Protects customers, company's reputation and content from phishing attacks, by analyzing multiple sources. and activating the necessary procedures to achieve the fast closing of the sites involved, and where possible the identification of those responsible.