Identifies fakes in Cyberspace. Fights online counterfeiting.
Counterfeiting Intelligence


Encouraged by the growth of online auctioning and e-commerce, international criminals set up hundreds of pirate sites through which to sell counterfeit products entirely anonymously.


The exponential growth of e-Commerce and of online auction sites,and the simplicity with which it is possible to create Online Stores that are identical to the originals, are together encouraging international criminals to set up hundreds of pirate sites through which to sell, entirely anonymously, counterfeit products resembling those of the leading companies in the wellbeing, technology and pharmaceutical sectors, amongst others.


imetrixBi offers the Market Intelligence solution that analyses millions of information sources to flag up counterfeit products.


Market Intelligence features

  • Highlight of counterfeit products in main online stores and auction sites.
  • Identication of products even if hidden within the source code.
  • Highlight of counterfeit products and brands in the Deep Web.
  • Identication of redirects from false social media accounts and content to stores that sell counterfeit goods.
  • Detection of links to pirate sites that promote counterfeit brands and products.
  • Brand Research into Chinese Marketplaces: product categories, product codes and product images.


Brand Intelligence


imetrixBi advantages for your brand

- Identifies high-risk cases thanks to Business Intelligence Systems and expert analysts
- Presents search results with no false posi6ves, offering a dashboard and customised reports