Identifies fake domains and dangerous email. Protects digital identities.

Phishing Criminal organizations use domains, email, SMS, fake Social, apparently attributable to famous brand for being able appropiare identity and confidential information of a person or a company to perform fraudulent operations against them.

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Phishing is an illegal technique that uses the credibility of institutions and companies (banks, credit card manager, public body, etc ...) to steal personal and financial data, ostensibly to solve technical problems, banking, accept contractual changes or promotional offers, etc.
For a company whose brand is used for phishing, the damage cost are high (an estimated 4 million / year for a medium-sized company) and those of reputation are not clearly recorded.



Phishing, as well as other computer crimes, often use fake e-mail domains, whether due to famous brands, to assume the identity of employees or partners and send email owl with which acquire confidential information.

To ensure high contrast to phishing, imetrixBi performs:

- A service of prevention of phishing activities through real-time monitoring of the recordings of similar domains, or related to a brand, a product, a company.

- Detects any type of attack even if made by malware, cross-site scripting (XSS), dynamic code obfuscation, URL obfuscation, and client-side redirects.

- Ensure immediate darkening of the sites that perform phishing or send email owl, making them unreachable.


Rischi per il Brand 

Rischi per il Brand

  • Phishing: apps, mail, SMS, link, form, pirated websites can steal personal and financial information of Internet users.

    Damage to reputation: the theft of confidential information even if made through phishing irreparably undermines the confidence of the navigator to a trademark.

  • Malicious applications: e-mail and SMS flirt advantage of the reputation of a renowned brand to promote sites that sell counterfeit or steal the identity navigators. Damage the reputation of the brand illegally used.

    Diversion of traffic: cybersquatting and typosquatting activities, advanced SEO strategies, content and counterfeit brands allow you to divert thousands of sailors from the original sites to illegal sites selling fake products and deprive the company revenues.

    Fake Social Media: unauthorized use of fake accounts on social media to divert web traffic to other sites that sell counterfeit products to the detriment of revenues and company image.

    Damage to reputation: experiences of negative purchase, theft of money or confidential information irreparably damage the confidence of the navigator to a mark, even if counterfeited.


imetrixBi advantages for your brand

- Protects the online reputation of a company from widespread criminal activity

- Protects the identity, personal and financial data from phishing

- Sharpen promptly sending mails owl containing the address and company logo.