Monitors digital assets. Protecting trade agreements and revenues


Crporate Compliance

The global economy and the digital channels have increased the number of offices, branches, communication tools and have intensified relations with partner companies, retailers and franchisees. Each uses trademarks, logos and images often in violation of the agreements. The service verifies their proper use.

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Companies and partners who promote our products and services make extensive use of trademarks and IPR's, and often inadvertently make a wrong or improper use or in violation of the guidelines or partnership agreements. Frequent is the use of non-original or modified logos, domain names that contain the brand images in violation of copyright, trademarks in meta tags or keywords in advertising.


imetrixBi examines the Web with advanced proprietary solutions and verify the proper use of the Intellectual Property Rights of subsidiaries, partners and affiliates to protect trade relations, the influence of your brand, investment on a brand and corporate revenues.
Lawyers and analysts examine abuses and prepare reports by selecting, from thousands of evidence, only those actually relevant to save time, money and human resources.

imetrixBi performs the following investigation activities:

  • Domain Name Intelligence - We identify all the domains that can be traced back to your brand ou
  • Content and images Intelligence - We analyze millions of sources of information to detect illegal copies.
  • Abuse of Pay Per Click and SEO - The solution identifies unauthorized use of a trademark in ads or sponsored links, in the meta tags in the code in the Web site content to distract qualified traffic to fake websites.
  • Social Media Intelligence - We flag up fake social media accounts featuring your company’s branding
  • Market IntelligenceHighlight of counterfeit products in main online stores, auction sites, Deep Web


Brand Risk

Brand Risks

  • Domain Names - The registration of domains related to trademarks and clone sites, steal users to the official brand and their personal and financial data.

  • Infringement of intellectual property - The use of logos, trademarks, photos and fake products in the code and content of illegal sites violates the Intellectual properties, dilutes the brand, reduces revenues and damages the reputation.

  • Illegal Web Sites - Web sites created in violation of the intellectual property, often identical to the originals.

  • Brand in Social Account - Unauthorized use of trademarks and images in social media will damage the brand, corporate reputation and deflects the Web traffic to unauthorized sites.

  • Damage to reputation - Experiences of negative purchase, theft of money or confidential information, irreparably damage the confidence of the navigator to a mark, even if it was counterfeit.


imetrixBi - Vantaggi per il brand

- Protection of trade relations and prevent illegal activities

- Efficiency Boost and costs reduction of online intellectual property protection.

- Safeguard of the authoritativeness of your brand and its investments.

- Identication of Brand elements: logos, brands, images.

- Highlight cases of traffic diversion, abuse in Meta Tags, undue use of the brand in the PPC activities

- Select very dangerous cases with Business Intelligence systems and expert analysts