Protect your brand. Identifies malicious and counterfeit App.

Mobile App Intelligence
We identify applications with fake branding that acquire condential information from customers’ devices and discrediting your brand by being used as bait.

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The increasing use of mobile applications is driving cyber criminals to spread dangerous Apps with fake branding, logos and content.

Together with the official applications of the most high-profile companies, non-original, unauthorized and malevolent Apps are also being downloaded, not only from the official App Stores but also from Social Media networks, Stores or links specifically created by employees,  resellers, partners or criminal organizations, entirely unbeknownst to the company in question.

These Apps constitute a modern-day “Trojan Horse”, since they have the capacity to acquire the personal and financial information contained on a smartphone, but also to simulate brands, redirect web traffic, engage in phishing operations and install viruses and malware.

The service takes in a total of three different operations, which are also available separately:

24/7 Monitoring: monitoring of the main App Stores, including the Apple App Store and Google Play, to detect unauthorized or fake Apps.

Analysis & Reporting: these activities are carried out with input from analysts, security experts and lawyers; a detailed analysis is given of the detected scenario and of the critical legal and technological areas uncovered. An in-depth operational report summarizes, for the benefit of the client, what has been analyzed, highlighting any geographical, criminal and technological groupings.

Response: this activity is geared towards implementing appropriate enforcement operations, tracking and informing the client of the removal of unauthorized Apps from the App Stores or from any sites hosting the Apps.

imetrixBi advantages for your brand

- Identifies unauthorized or fake Apps, which cannot be detected by the company.

- Protects intellectual property, identifying logos, branding and content that violate brands or breach copyright.

- Detects Apps that redirect traffic to pirated products or content.

- Identifies Apps that contain viruses, Trojans, malware or phishing.

- Protects the personal and financial information of clients and users associated with the brand.

- Identifies the parties responsible for developing the Apps.

- Facilitates the enforcement procedures for the removal of counterfeit Apps.