Surveillance and anti piracy technologies to protect your business.

Digital Piracy Intelligence

 Digital piracy is driven by the ease of duplication of digital content.
Our powerful web intelligence solution analyses millions of sources of information to detect illegal copies.


Digital Piracy is based on the duplication of digital content. It is a phenomenon that is facilitated by the ease with which modern consumers can download files online.

A powerful Web Intelligence solution analyses millions of sources of information, sifing through them to find illegally copied digital content.

Content Intelligence Features

  • Flags up all types of digital content: images, photos, videos, films, e-books, music, sofware, etc...
  • Identifies online piracy across thousands of sources:
      searches, blogs, torrents, cyberblockers, tubes, social media, URL shorteners, images, streaming websites, etc...
  • Human analysis and validation by a team of online experts and lawyers specialized in IP and Digital Piracy.
  • Reports of violations and any enforcement operations implemented.


imetrixBi advantages for your brand
- Highlights any illegally duplicated content to be found in cyberspace

- Increases efficiency and reduces the costs required to combat Digital Piracy

- Selects and validates high-risk cases using Business Intelligence systems and expert analysts

- Presents search results with no false positives, offering a dashboard and customised reports