Protect your brand on social media. Identifies social fake accounts.

Social Intelligence

To avoid rerouting customers towards pirate sites and sites that fraudulently acquire users’ personal information, we ag up fake social media accounts featuring your company’s branding.

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More and more often, Social Media are being used to falsify the products of famous brands, redirect traffic towards pirate sites, and fraudulently acquire users' personal information.

imetrixBi – a leading name in Social Media Monitoring (SMM) – has for years been using advanced platforms for the monitoring and analysis of Social Media; today, these platforms are also used for preventing the violation of Intellectual Property and for combating the sophisticated counterfeiting strategies being deployed on this channel.

The Social Media Intelligence solution encompasses all of the main Social Media and detects:

Violations of the Brand and of the Online Content - The service passes through several phases: the monitoring of Social Media; analysis of the critical areas detected, with input from analysts and expert IP lawyers; and the drafting of detailed reports. At the client's request, we proceed with the agreed Brand Protection and Enforcement operations.

Fake Social Media Accounts - The service identifies – across all of the main Social Media networks – the accounts that feature branding or brand names that are similar to real brands and are, therefore, likely to cause confusion. Indeed, with ever-increasing frequency, individuals and organizations are registering Social Media accounts to simulate official pages of companies and products, with a view to selling counterfeit products and services, or to spread malware.


imetrixBi advantages for your brand

- Identifies Fake Social Media Accounts.

- Detects unauthorized logos or content, along with pirated music, videos, photos and images.

- Identifies any improper reference to commercial brands, to implement subsequent Social Engineering operations.

- Detects links to pirate sites that promote counterfeit brands and products.

- Combats the spread of fake, dangerous Apps and Phishing.