Online Brand Investigation

imetrixBi, an ICC Digital Media Company, stands for brand and industrial property rights investigation by ghting piracy and counterfeiting.

Through the analysis of every digital channel we provide validated data and actionable insights that safeguards brands, customers, online reputation and income.

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ICC Digital Media is one of the leading Italian web agencies. Since 1999, we have been providing consultancy and services including  Web Analytics, Social Analytics, Mobile Analytics search engine marketing and training to companies based in Italy and overseas.

ICC Digital Media

In 2002 imetrixBi Founder developed imetrixBi the first Italian enterprise-level web analytics platform, with which we focused our attention on the analysis of digital media and consolidated our leadership in the sector both in Italy and internationally.

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Google AdWords e Google Analytics Certified, important awards that Google issues only to a limited number of agencies.
Microsoft® Certified Partner (2002-2006).

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Association and events

Members INDICAM - Centromarca Institute for the fight against counterfeiting

Members IAB Italia (2000-2008) and member of the international board of the Web Analytics Association (2007 to 2009); these valuable experiences allowed us to witness first-hand all of the stages in the growth of the internet.

Sponsors and speakers at the main Italian and international industry events, including the IAB Forum, SES, WAS, the e-commerce forum, EBA and the e-metrics Summit, etc...

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Some of our milestone

ICC Digital Media 2000 - 2015

ICC Digital Media

2015 - ICC concludes the development of imetrixBi project and solution.

2014 -ICC runs the Global Communication of Sisifo - Consortium of Social Cooperatives.

2013 - ICC develop ImetriX Social Media TV, a powerful platform for monitoring and analyzing the so-called double screen users, those who use social media with TV programs.

2012 - Following the sudden popularity of social media, ICC enriches ImetriX with a powerful Social Analytics platform to provide detailed information on the use of these new channels.

2010 - ICC runs the Digital Communication and Web Reputation for Cogip Infrastructure and Power Cogip. ICC takes the Gobale communication Sisyphus - Consortium of Social Cooperatives.

2009 - On the initiative of Giuseppe Fragola and Laura Paxia, ICC establishes and organizes WAS - Web Analytics Strategies – the leading Italian event on operations geared towards measuring the internet, mobile technologies and social media. Held every spring in Milan, it is staged for the fourth time in 2012 at the offices of the renowned 24Ore group.

2008 - To meet the demand for training, ICC sets up the Web Analytics Academy, a dedicated training division focusing on the most important aspects of web analytics.

2007 - At the prestigious SES expo in Milan, we unveil the new release and the ImetriX Mobile Analytics module. As a speaker, we present the first search analytics data.

2007 - Thanks to the position of leadership she has achieved in the web analytics industry and to her professional expertise, the Web Analytics Association appoints Laura Paxia – co-founder of ICC and CTO of ImetriX – as Director-at-Large and one of just eight members of the International Board of Directors.

2007 - We publish Web Analytics Strategies, the first Italian book on Web Analytics, an operational text that describes clearly and simply the key aspects of web analytics.

2002 - Due to its innovative technical features, Microsoft names ImetriX a web analytics success story.

2002 - After two years of design and development, ICC launches ImetriX – the first Italian enterprise-level web analytics solution. Since then, we have been providing solutions, consultancy and training on web analytics to large companies and other organizations.

2000 - ICC begins developing ImetriX Media Analytics, one of the most complete media analytics platforms on the market for the analysis of online advertising investments.