Monitors your online brand. Act proactively.

Online Brand Intelligence

Company’s reputation, brand integrity can be compromised by the illicit use of its branding and assets online, in URLs, search engines (Pay-Per-Click), in the source code of web pages, fake web sites, social networks and in apps.

imetrixBi is a Web Intelligence® service for analysis and protection of online trademarks and IPR's. It provides companies, intelligent data and tips to protect trademarks, customers, online reputation and revenues, by cybercriminal attacks.

Analytical and validated information. The right move to defend your brand.

Through the analysis of every digital channel imetrixBi provide validated data and actionable insights that safeguards brands, customers, online reputation and income.

imetrixBi performs the following investigation activities:

  • IP Protection - We identify all the domains that can be traced back to your brand out of all of the available

  • Domain Name Intelligence - We identify all the domains that can be traced back to your brand out

  • Social Media Intelligence - We flag up fake social media accounts featuring your company’s branding

  • Mobile App IntelligenceWe identify applications with fake branding that acquire condential information

  • Market IntelligenceHighlight of counterfeit products in main online stores, auction sites, Deep Web

  • Content Intelligence - We analyze millions of sources of information to detect illegal copies.


Brand Intelligence


imetrixBi advantages for your brand

- Efficiency Boost and costs reduction of online intellectual property protection.

- Protection for the your company’s rights, investments and reputation.

- Safeguard of the authoritativeness of your brand and its investments.

- Identication of Brand elements: logos, brands, images.

- Highlight of illegal or abusive behaviour.

- Flagging of high risks (fraud rating) through BI systems and expert analysts.

- Detailed reporting through digital dashboards with no false positives.