Identify domains that use your brand. Act proactively.

Domain Name Intelligence

An advanced algorithm identies the domains that can be traced back to your brand out of all of the available Top Level Domains (gTLD, new gTLD and cc.TLD), even when the user incorrectly types a website address similar to that of a registered brand, also know as typosquatting.

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International crime syndicates engage the services of hackers and IT experts to commit online crimes by using illegal domains and websites, which are designed to damage a business's reputation, stealing income and web users’ confidential information. 

Thousands of new top-level generic domains (new gTLDs) have multiplied the opportunities to register domains attributable to well-known brands (cybersquatters and typosquatters), resulting in an exponential increase in the opportunities to create illegal websites that sell counterfeit goods and services.

These are extremely sophisticated fake sites, but they can only be detected thanks to the help of robust Business Intelligence technologies and the support of expert analysts.


A Business Intelligence solution and expert anti-counterfeiting analysts identify, analyze and correlate, out of hundreds of millions of domains, only those that are illegally registered, and then measure them against an index of dangerousness and counterfeiting capacity.

The service passes through three different phases:

a) Selection of all the Domain Names - An advanced algorithm identifies the domains attributable to a registered brand out of all the available TLDs (g.TLDs, ccTLDs, new gTLDs), while also detecting assonances and literal sequences similar to the brand, taking due account all of the most common and widely recognized typosquatting techniques.

b) Analysis - The many domains identified through the research operations are analyzed by dedicated algorithms and then evaluated by lawyers and experts in IP and cybercrime to identify the fraudulent and illegal elements.

c) Reporting - A detailed operational report summarizes, for the client's benefit, everything that has been analyzed, in accordance with a well-defined risk index, and highlights the geographical, criminal and technological correlations through the use of graphs and maps.

Aspects that are flagged up include:
- dangerous domains that are identical or similar to those of the brand name, or that are variants (typos) of it
- the number of instances of counterfeiting for each country
- the registrants of domains that make improper use of a brand
- the illegal sites registered by the same parties or by criminal groups around the world
- the domains that are similar to the brand name and appear on blacklists because they engage in phishing

gTLD - ccTLD - new gTLD Search
The development of the Web has led to the creation of thousands of new TLDs (.com, .it), geographical (ccTLDs) or generic (new gTLDs), which make it impossible to work out the myriad potential variants of a domain or to identify them manually for each of the thousands of TLDs available.
imetrixBi detects the domains with geographical extensions (cc.TLDs) of more than 240 countries and all the new gTLDs.


imetrixBi advantages for your brand

- Locate identical domains or similar to a trademark.

- Detects domains related to a well-known brand, but with common misspellings and typos

- Select the domains based on the associated website's ability to damage the company.

- Identify the presence of a brands in contents, meta tags, codes of detected Web sites.

- Provides search results without false positives, presented in dashboards and customized reports.